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Since 1843


Is it too soon to place a memorial now?

NO - You may place a memorial as soon as a foundation is constructed.


Why do some people say you must wait a year?

Because some people are not informed about memorial installations. This old tale is not true.


Doesn't the ground have to settle?

NO - The portion of the grave which will have the headstone installed isn’t disturbed, so there is no need to have it settle.


Does the monument have to be moved for a future burial?

NO - There is room provided, in most cases, for the monument.


Who installs the concrete foundation?

The cemetery does. We take care of the permits and make the arrangements for the foundation and a cemetery does the layout and concrete work.


Does the foundation work affect delivery time?

YES - It takes 10 to 12 weeks from the time the permit forms are submitted until the completion card is received from the cemetery.


Do you mean it will take 10 to 24 weeks from the time of ordering to get a memorial installed?

YES - So allow for that time by thinking about it now.


What if I don't have the cemetery deed yet?

You may still place an order so that your various forms can be processed.  We can place you in contact with the responsible parties who can send your deed to you.


My cemetery deed was lost years ago.  What can be done?

We have the forms which can be used in place of the deed to install a memorial.  We handle all paperwork for you free of charge.


Does the headstone have to be removed to add a name on it?

NO - The work is done at the cemetery plot.


Can monuments be cleaned?

YES - Most monuments can be cleaned like new, however stains such as spray paint, oil stains and some other substances cannot be completely removed.  Fresh flowers leaning against your stoned can leave oily blotches, so be careful when placing flowers or wreaths on your grave.


My lot is such a mess; can I do anything about this?

YES - Sometimes this cannot be avoided if graves are being opened in your section.  In most cases bring the matter to the attention of the cemetery superintendent will produce results.


Can monuments be placed in cold weather?

YES - Provided the foundation is installed before the frost.  You should make arrangements for your headstone at least 12 weeks before the desired installation time.


Do I have to come in to make arrangements?

NO - We offer free Shop at Home service, where we can show you many designs, samples and full-sized drawings.  


Aren't you too far?

We are as close to you as your telephone.  We have free shop at home service at no additional cost to you.  As for traveling toward display yard, you will probably buy only one monument in your lifetime.  Is it worth a little time and trouble now to be sure you are making the proper selection?